Standards & Advice

We are members of the Fine Art Trade Guild and adhere to a professional code of ethics, observing the highest standards of integrity in all transactions. We frame to Commended Level as a minimum and will advise you if your artwork requires Conservation or Museum levels.

It can be tempting to choose the least expensive option when framing but sometimes low-cost framing can actually damage your artwork and valuable art should be protected for future generations. Value can be measured in monetary terms but also in personal/sentimental terms and also in terms of culture and heritage.

Standards are set by the Guild for 5 Levels of Framing:

Museum – The ultimate protection for your artwork

Conservation – Helping preserve your artwork for future generations

Commended – Guarantees a degree of protection, with design playing an important role

Budget – Visually pleasing, but offering no long-term protection

Minimum – Putting economy first

Although we frame to a minimum of Commended level as standard, it’s worth remembering Budget and Minimum levels often do a better job of preserving your artwork than shop-bought frames.